Huike High-tech Co., Ltd.

Department of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering - Core Enterprise of Fine Chemicals and Catalytic Materials Laboratory of Shandong University of Technology

In September 2009, Huike was identified as a core enterprise of "Department of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering - Fine Chemical Engineering and Catalytic Materials Laboratory of Shandong University of Science and Technology", providing a platform for enterprise technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. With strong support, the company has cooperated with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering on three projects: pilot scale-up research on high weather-resistant multi-effect environmentally friendly stabilizers and coordination zinc triple salts, and PVC environmentally friendly color pigments.

HUIKE Auxiliary Academician Workstation

The Academician Workstation of Huike is the first academician workstation in China's plastic additives industry. It was jointly established by Huike and Wu Weizu. , learning and research integrated project cooperation. Huike will use the academician workstation as a platform to actively gather and introduce high-end talents, give full play to the advantages of academicians and other high-end talents, accelerate the establishment of a polymer materials industrialization base with comprehensive competitive strength, and lead the plastic additives industry to a new level .

Shandong Province Plastic Stabilizer Engineering Technology Research Center/Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center

Since its establishment, HUIKE has always taken scientific and technological innovation as the guide, carried out technical research around market demands and production problems, and cooperated with scientific research institutions in colleges and universities to develop to ensure technological leadership and provide technical services to protect production and operations.

Four products independently developed by the Shandong Plastic Stabilizer Engineering Technology Research Center have successfully passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal. After expert review, the comprehensive technology of three products is at the domestic leading level, and the product performance and indicators have reached the international level of similar products. One product (New molecular sieve PVC composite stabilizer) comprehensive technology is at the internationally advanced level. The company's Enterprise Technology Center has been approved by the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission as a provincial enterprise technology center. It has applied for 57 patents, including 41 invention patents. Its product performance has reached or exceeded the level of similar foreign products, and it has been rated as "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise" ".

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