PVC Compound Stabilizer


HKW series of PVC compound stabilizers is a new project developed by HUIKE and Chinese Academy of Engineering. It is characterized by adding modified molecular sieves to traditional PVC thermal stabilizers. 

Huike's composite stabilizers use lead in terms of stability. The salt calcium zinc modified molecular sieve antioxidant stabilization system uses lead trisulfate and dibasic lead phosphite as the main stabilizing components in the early stage of production and processing to ensure normal processing of mixing and granulation. During the extrusion process, different metals such as hard lead, hard calcium, and modified molecular sieve are used as the main stabilizing components to ensure smooth processing, ensure the mold cleaning cycle, and ensure normal processing. In the later stages of processing, extrusion molding and normal placement and transportation, antioxidants are used as the main stabilizing component to ensure color stability and later weather resistance in extrusion molding. The stabilization mechanisms of different processing: before, during and after complement each other. Make it have better processing.


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+86 13465872550