Huike High-tech Co., Ltd.

Create global famous brand of PVC Additives

Learn from the development direction of plastic science and technology in developed countries, take the road of sustainable development, adhere to modern management and scientific and technological innovation to take plastic additives as the main business, develop high-tech products based on efficient and environmentally friendly plastic stabilizers, and accelerate the construction of polymer materials industrialization base with comprehensive competitive strength.

China environmental PVC Stabilizer manufacturer and expert

Market-oriented, customer-centered, serving users wholeheartedly, establishing a platform for outstanding talents to grow and display their professional talents, and inspiring professionals who are interested in industry development to join, pursue excellent quality, and create the best benefits. Concentrate our efforts on scientific development and strive to build a harmonious society.

Company Philosophy
  • Slogan: Eyes on the world, scientific and technological innovation

  • Development strategy: scale, compounding, environmental protection, and platform.

  • Spirit: integrity, pragmatism, positivity and openness.

  • Values: benevolence and harmony, value creation and win-win, adult self-fulfillment, contribution to society

  • Philosophy: Customer-centered, striver-oriented. Protect the company's interests and work hard for a long time.

  • Goals: Do big things, build a century-old enterprise, achieve customers and employees; achieve great things, build an industry leader, and create great achievements for HUIKE


The logo consists of two letters V surrounding a circle. The letter V represents victory and success. The two opposite V's represent the common victory of technological progress and corporate growth. The mutually supporting letters V form a stable structure, symbolizing the enterprise. The strong strength and solid foundation also reflect the spirit of Huike people working together to create a better future. The circle in the center symbolizes the spiritual core of the company, implies the company's prosperity and fruitful results, and reflects the company's project establishment and courage to become the industry leader. The overall appearance of the logo is in the shape of an eye, which shows the company's insight into the world and its spirit of technological innovation.


The logo uses dark blue and bright green as the basic colors in the article. Blue represents wisdom, technology, technology and development: green represents environmental protection, passion and innovation. Dark blue surrounded by green means that the enterprise is guided by science and technology and adheres to technological innovation: advocating the principle of coexistence of technological development and environmental protection. It reflects the company's concept of focusing on technological development while not forgetting energy conservation, environmental protection and caring for society.


+86 13465872550

+86 13465872550