PVC Injection Products

PVC Injection Products


PVC injection molded products are products obtained by melting PVC plastic particles at high temperature and then injecting them into the mold. They are then demoulded after cooling and solidification. PVC injection molded products have good physical properties and chemical stability and are widely used in construction, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, daily necessities and other fields. Due to its high production efficiency and low cost, PVC injection molded products have become an important category of plastic products.

The function of stabilizers:

PVC thermal stabilizers are inevitable additives in PVC processing. They inhibit the degradation of PVC molecules by replacing unstable chlorine atoms, neutralizing hydrogen chloride, and reacting with unsaturated parts, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing the thermal stability of PVC.

Huike stabilizer has good processability, fluidity, good thermal stability and excellent processability. It is a necessity in PVC products.

Recommended models:

HKW-202F, SKW-600A

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    This product has excellent comprehensive physical properties and good compatibility with polyvinyl chloride. Under the correct processing conditions, rigid PVC products can form a three-dimensional network structure inside. Therefore, the product has excellent impact strength at both room temperature and low temperature. This product uses high molecular weight high-density polyethylene as the main raw material to enhance the stress of the product. Mainly used in the production of PVC door and window profiles, U-PVC drainage pipes, inlet pipes, cold bending wire duct pipes, PVC foam boards, PVC extruded boards, sandwich panels, etc


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